TEA.1.0 – Volume 1 (1998)


The Earnings Analyst: Volume 1

1998.  The Earnings Analyst  1: 118pp.




Journal of the American Rehabilitation Economics Association

Volume I 1998

Feature Articles
Thomas R. Ireland

Lost Pleasure of Life Analysis, Safety IncentiveValues, and the Value of Life Literature: Three Different Approaches to Hedonic Damage Testimony

Stephanie Rizzardi Pearson and Terrance B. Dinneen.

Economic Aspects of Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act:An Overview from the Employer’s Perspective

Billy J. McCroskey and Steven J. Hahn.

The Vocational Quotient (VQ) As A Predictor of Earning Capacity:1996-97 Criterion-Referenced Follow-Up Validity Studies

Lawrence M. Spizman.

Work-Life Expectancy for the Self-Employed

Short Articles and Comments
Jeroen Walstra and Charles Cohen.

Expert Teams and Forensic Reporting

Thomas R. Ireland.

Actuarial Valuations of the Railroad Retirement Board and Railroad Worklife Tables: A Reassessment

Book Review
Thomas Weiford.

Internet Disability Resources ’98, by Mary Barros-Bailey and Dawn Boyd, 1998, Ahab Press, Inc.

Style Sheet 111
Board of Referees 112



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