TEA.2.0 – Volume 2 (1999)


1999. The Earnings Analyst  2: 116pp.




Journal of the American Rehabilitation Economics Association

Volume II 1999

Current Information on AREA preface
Feature Articles
Thomas R. Ireland

A Conceptual Framework for Valuation in Economic Testimony: Market Tests, Revealed Preferences, and Value Inferences

Billy J. McCroskey and Kenneth L. Dennis

O*NET Issues For Rehabilitation Economists

Edward J. Mathis and Judith Ann King

Estimating the Economic Loss of a Sole Proprietor: An Analysis of Alternative Methodologies

David C. Toppino

Mitigation Earning Capacity

Thomas R. Ireland

“Lost Earning Capacity” vs. “Expected Lost Earnings” in Wrongful Death Analysis

Book and Software Reviews
Mark Kuga

Expert Economic Testimony: Reference Guides for Judges and Attorneys, by Thomas R. Ireland, Stephan M. Horner, James D. Rodgers, Patrick A. Gaughan, Robert R. Trout, and Michael J. Piette. 1998. Lawyers & Judges Publishing Co., Inc.

Gerald R. Schneck

PC-Economist 98 . Developed and distributed by Melvin C. Fredlund. 1999.

AREA Bylaws 101
Style Sheet 109
Board of Referees 110



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