TEA.3.0 – Volume 3 (2000)


2000. The Earnings Analyst 3: 142pp.




Journal of the American Rehabilitation Economics Association

Volume III 2000

Current Information on AREA preface
Feature Articles
James D. Rodgers

Estimating the Loss of Social Security Benefits

Melville Z. Wolfson and Shael N. Wolfson

Cost Levels and Trends: Using the ECI and ECEC

Thomas R. Ireland

Should the Personal Consumption Deduction be Based on Family Income or the Decedent’s Own Income

Allyn B. Needham and Shannon H. Shipp

The Value of Active Leisure

George A. Barrett

Adjusting Work-Life Expectancy Calculations for Earning Capacity Appraisals in Extraordinary Circumstances

David C. Toppino and Collin Wilkerson

The Mexican-White Earnings Gap in the United States: Decomposing Human Capital Differences from Labor Market Discrimination

Book and Product Reviews
G. Frank Lawlis

Assessing Family Loss in Wrongful Death Litigation: The Special Roles of Lost Services and Personal Consumption. By Thomas R. Ireland and Thomas O.Depperschmidt. 1999. Lawyers & Judges Publishing Co., Inc.

Shannon H. Shipp

Life and Worklife Expectancies. By Hugh Richards and Jon R. Abele. 1999. Lawyers &Judges Publishing Co., Inc.

Thomas R. Ireland

Forensic Economics Calculators. By Lawyers & Judges Publishing Co.

AREA Bylaws 121
AREA Code of Ethics 129
Style Sheet 135
Board of Referees 136



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