Bulletin 2254 Worklife Expectancy Tables and Tort Gender Inequality

Spizman, Lawrence.  2012. “Bulletin 2254 Worklife Expectancy Tables and Tort Gender Inequality.”  The Earnings Analyst, 12: 1-20.


Some state statutes or pattern jury instructions suggest using Bulletin 2254 for determining work life expectancy. Because of structural changes in the labor market (particularly among women) since 1979, the use of Bulletin 2254 tables results in work life totals that do not reflect the current labor market. Using tables from Bulletin 2254 is particularly damaging to women in the calculation of their lost earnings. This article discusses the reasons a Damages Expert (DE) should avoid using Bulletin 2254 and use the more current worklife expectancy tables created by private economists to provide the trier of fact with a more accurate estimate of economic damages.


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